In order for the system to work FOR you, you need to work WITH the system. You simply pay the once-off

₦7,400 or $20 donation to whoever the system assigns to you. Then Promote our web site Crowdrising Nigeria.

As soon as you have sufficient funds to upgrade to the next level, you do so IMMEDIATELY. This will bring momentum to the system, and all will then upgrade to higher levels in the fastest possible time period.

Do NOT wait !! You more than likely end up spending the money, which should have been used to upgrade to the next level. We all know how long money lasts in our wallets. Not then having the money to upgrade, members then possibly throw in the towel and settle for the absolute minimum. This costs those members dearly, and they never experience the FULL power of the system.

The ULTIMATE GOAL of ALL members of CrowdRising Nigeria, is to upgrade through ALL 15 levels as fast as possible, never having to ever reach into your own pocket EVER again.

For the sake of clarity, please NOTE the following:

You pay a once-off donation of

₦8,000 or $20. You then promote Our Team.

You do NOT need to wait until you have 5 on your 1st level, before upgrading to Level 2, which also accounts for higher levels. You upgrade to Level 2 and higher as soon as you have received the required amount for that specific level.

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