December 1, 2016

CrowdRising Registration

Welcome to CrowdRising Nigeria Registration Information Page.

We’ll add you to the winning team.

To have a better understanding, you can read the details below.




Do you want a SERIOUS AND LASTING home-based business?

If you are DREAMING BIG and AIMING HIGH with something that can allow you to have A REAL, STRONG and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE! Crowdrising is the solution.

Let me introduce you to crowdrising and how Make Money In 2017 with CrowdRising Nigeria. Once you have registered by clicking any of the registration buttons or links on this site, you will add your bank details and upgrade to grade 1 by making the payment of 8,000 naira(20$) only to Ur uplines bank account (that is shown on your back office)

Then You become A full Member with a referral link that will enable you to refer others.
You can introduce someone, or you can wait for one week after payment, and the system will match you with 5 people to pay #8,000 Each to your Account, which will sum up to #40,000. You Make a gain of 32,000 naira in just 1 week. T

You can stop at stage 1, or you can upgrade to stage 2.  There various stages gives you  greater earnings. See below.


Stage 1:
Stage 1 donation: $20- N8,000
5 persons donate N8,000 back to you
Total donations you will receive = N40,000.

Stage 2:
Stage 2 donation: $40- N16,000
25 persons Donate N16,000 back to you
Total donations you will receive = N400,000

Stage 3:
Stage 3 donation: $60-N24,000
125 persons Donate N24, 000 back to you
Total donations you will receive = N3,000,000.

Stage 4:
Stage 4 donation: $100-N40,000
625 persons donate 40, 000 back to you
Total donations you will receive = N25,000, 000.

Stage 5:
Stage 5 donation: $200-N80,000
3125 persons donate 80, 000 back to you
Total donations you will receive = N250,000, 000

And above.


To register Click Here or the link below. Remember it is first come, first serve, the earlier you join the better, dont’t procastinate. Procastination are for people unserious about their financial success. 

Register now! You have 48 hours after registration to make your N8,000 payment to your sponsor or the system will remove you to make space for more serious people. Many are even making millions, don/t be left out. Register now! And upgrade as soon as you can. Cheers.

Click Here to Register.