What You Should Know About Auto Spill Over


Crowdrising compensation plan

CrowdRising Compensation plan


When you register your crowdrising account, you will be required to upgrade to level 1 (one). Level 1 is the first true stage in Crowdrising, it is this level that you will be considered a dully registered CrowdRising Participant.

To learn how to upgrade click here.

Auto spill over.

The autospill over feature in Crowdrising gives an opportunity to down-liners without referrals. It makes it possible to earn even without you introducing any refferal. Please bear in mind that for Crowdrising to continue growing, we all are expected to bring in our referrals into the system.

So How does the AutospillOver actually work?

Lets say your sponsor(The one you are registered under) is active and completes his 5 spots for referrals. But he still has so many people registering under his link. Who will this new people be registered under?

The system automatically “spills over” this new referrals to other members of crowdrising under this same sponsor, who are yet to complete their 5 spote for referrals. Hence this members get to have for themselves new crowdrising referrals without having to break a sweat for it. For this to work, the team has to be active.

Also spillovers do happen directly from the crowdrising system, but there is always not so much to go around. Hence we advocate that members try to bring in new referrals by themselves and not solely depend on another man’s sweat.

If you are yet to register on crowdrising through CrowdRising Nigeria, click this link, or the link below.

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2 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Auto Spill Over

    • Hello Akor Peters!
      Spill overs do work, but are not guaranteed.

      In CrowdRising, it is expected of you to bring five people during your first stage. After that you just sit back and relax. The system will work for you. You don’t have to bring anybody again after your first stage. If you don’t refer anybody by yourself, the system will refer someone to you. But please bear in mind that this do take time, and is not guaranteed. So to be on the safe side it is advised to do the only work ever required of you. IE; refer 5 people under you in level one.

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